Everyday Friday

Everyday Friday is a Swedish company in Stockholm that manufactures natural luxury deodorants. The deodorants are organic and vegan, which are also free from alcohol and aluminum. Leaves no white stains on your clothes.

We use shea butter, which in our opinion is probably the most lovely and expensive raw material you can use as a base for deodorants. Applying our deodorant gives a wonderful feeling, which can be likened to the feeling of a luxurious cashmere sweater against your skin.

Have you tried other natural deodorants that have not been effective? Our deodorant works great, it removes bad smells and absorbs sweat.

Wonderful deodorant, it is incredibly lovely in texture, smells lovely, tested two versions, beats all similar deodorants I have tested.

Sanna G.

Best deodorant in the aluminum-free category with high-quality ingredients. It really works! You feel both dry and fresh.

Kicki T.

Awesome deodorant ... If you go into netflix-mode for a few days and still want to be super fresh, then this deodorant is best. Lasts a long time.

Jörgen H.

Our Deodorants

60 grams with daily recommended amount on armpits lasts approximately 3 months. Below you can order our deodorants by clicking at the pictures and read more about the ingredients that we use (we are super proud to offer such incredible products).

Additional information in English

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Shipping within Sweden: 29 SEK | Shipping outside Sweden: 49 SEK
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